Visiting HMP Brixton

May 26, 2023 | Brixton, Constituency Work

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Bell with Councillor Masters and Pact team leader Janette outside Brixton Prison.

I had a very informative visit to HMP Brixton to meet the Prison Advice and Care Trust (Pact) team alongside Councillor Marianna Masters. It was good to speak to prisoners on the wings and find out more about Pact’s vital work supporting the rehabilitation of current and former prisoners. It’s clear that our prison system isn’t working and needs wholesale reform. It was moving in particular to talk to prisoners sentenced
under Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) laws. 10 years since this unjust type of sentence was formally abolished, there are still 3,000 people imprisoned with no prospect of release. The Government should apply this retrospectively and run a resentencing exercise.