Bell Ribeiro-Addy

Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Labour Candidate for Clapham & Brixton Hill
From Clapham & Brixton Hill, For Clapham & Brixton Hill

Please note: Parliament has now been dissolved until after the General Election, meaning I am no longer an MP.

About Bell

Hi, my name is Bell Ribeiro-Addy and I was proud to represent my lifelong home as the Labour MP for Streatham from 2019-2024. I am currently seeking re-election as the Labour candidate for Clapham & Brixton Hill.

Born and raised on Brixton Hill, I am indebted to the community where I live, where I grew up, and where my politics were shaped. There is no other place like it for its long history of activism, cooperation and faith.

In me, our area has had a community champion who consistently stood up for our local area and been a voice for marginalised communities. Whether voting against Boris Johnson’s disastrous Brexit agreement, fighting cuts to our NHS, schools, and public services, opposing new fossil fuel drilling, campaigning for better maternity care, standing up for migrants’ rights, or consistently supporting a ceasefire in Gaza.

After 14 years of Tory cuts to funding and services, we need a Labour government to deliver an agenda for inclusive growth, health, jobs, and safer communities. Our community needs change, and only a Labour government will deliver that. That’s why I’m standing to be your Labour MP: to deliver the change our community and our country needs.


Bell at Streatham Academy

My Values

In me, Clapham & Brixton Hill would have an advocate in Parliament who listens to and respects all my constituents, works tirelessly for them, and never forgets who sent me there and why. My vision for our constituency has always been based on fairness, equality, honesty, and the core belief that your class, gender, race, sexuality, or disability should never limit what you can achieve. In me, our area will have an advocate in Parliament who always shows up, always listens, and never forgets where I came from.

The Conservatives have failed communities like ours. They have run our NHS into the ground, forced through cuts to our public transport network, shredded the social safety net, making our community less safe and tanking our economy through their damaging handling of Covid and Brexit and disastrous tax cuts for the super rich.

Rather than tackling major problems like racism, climate breakdown, inequality, and low pay, the Tories have launched an assault on anyone who tries to challenge them. I have consistently opposed their attacks on fundamental civil liberties, particularly the right to strike and our protest and voting rights.

Their right-wing political project has left the vast majority of the country worse-off but they show no signs of changing course. This is why we now see rhetoric which seeks to blame migrants, working class people, and other minoritised groups for the damage they have inflicted.

Faced with a divisive politics that delivers only for the few, I fight for a politics of hope that will deliver for the many, inspired by the values of our community.


My Track Record

In me, you will have a dutiful public servant who will always stand up for our area and for what is right. I will always put our community first and I will be your voice in Parliament. In the last four and a half years I have:

  • Delivered more than 100 devices to nearby schools during lockdown and pushed for repair works on local school buildings.
  • Helped thousands of residents with housing casework, defended residents against negligent landlords and delayed the eviction of hundreds of property guardians.
  • Campaigned to keep station ticket offices open, safeguard local abortion services, and stop the closure of Clapham Common Post Office.
  • Stood up for migrants in the face of Tory attacks, voting against their Rwanda Deportation scheme, organising clothing collections and advice surgeries for newly arrived refugees.
  • Stood on the picket lines with striking public service workers, including: nurses, teachers and ambulance workers.
  • Pushed for policing reforms and policies that will make our whole community safer.
  • Opposed the privatisation of local NHS provision and the sell-off of local GP surgeries to an American healthcare multinational.

Bell poses for a picture with Parliament and Big Ben in the background.

My Pledges

My election priorities as your Labour candidate:

    • Rebuilding public services –  boost investment in our NHS and schools by closing tax loopholes, take rail into public ownership, clean up the Tory sewage scandal.
    • Delivering economic security – strengthen workers’ rights, scrap anti-worker legislation, make the minimum wage a genuine living wage with Labour’s New Deal for Working People.
    • Creating a safer community for all – reform policing, restore social supports to tackle crime at its roots including a new network of youth hubs and expanded mental health provision.
    • Taking action on the housing crisis – 1.5 million homes, improve our social housing stock and strengthen renters’ rights, including a ban on no fault evictions.
    • Building green prosperity – end our dependence on fossil fuels, build renewable capacity and insulate millions of homes, cutting bills.