The Windrush Scandal: Five Years On

Apr 6, 2023 | Campaigns

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Bell speaks at Windrush Scandal vigil

Our local community marked the fifth anniversary of the Windrush Scandal coming to light with a powerful vigil in Windrush Square. I was proud to call for justice alongside Windrush survivors and elders from the African and Caribbean communities who have shaped the culture and success of our area. If the Government was serious about learning the lessons of the Windrush Scandal and ensuring nobody has to endure what its survivors did, they would be implementing the Windrush Lessons Learned Review in full, not u-turning on key commitments. They would be taking the failed compensation scheme away from the unreformed department that administered the Windrush Scandal in the first place. Finally, they would not be extending the hostile environment that caused so much suffering, they would be ending and replacing it with a fair and humane immigration system. Let’s keep fighting for justice for the Windrush Generation.