Bell Ribeiro-Addy

Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Labour Candidate for Clapham & Brixton Hill
From Clapham & Brixton Hill, For Clapham & Brixton Hill

Please note: Parliament has now been dissolved until after the General Election, meaning I am no longer an MP.

Violence against women: the threat of Incel culture

Jul 8, 2021 | Parliamentary Work

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End Violence Against Women

Eradicating violence against women will require social, political and cultural change. We need substantive action to address the deeper social causes and political failures that perpetuate it. Above all, we need to change the wider culture of misogyny that still prevails: from street-based harassment to online forums.

I asked the Government what plans they have to legislate against the rising threat of violence against women from involuntary celibates, more commonly known as “Incels”. These men constitute an online subculture, defining themselves by their inability to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one.

In the wake of terror attacks perpetuated by Incels in the USA and incidents of violence here connected to Incel culture, I asked the Government to commit to identifying and proscribing such groups. I also asked what measures their forthcoming Online Harms Bill contains to regulate the online spaces used by these men and when it will be coming forwards.