UK Reparations Conference 2023

Oct 23, 2023 | Campaigns

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I was very pleased to help organise and participate in the inaugural UK Reparations Conference 2023. This conference brought together hundreds of grassroots activists from the international reparations movement for an energising and engaging discussion about pursuing reparative justice in Britain and beyond.

The weekend was a great success, with hundreds of attendees, 95 speakers and 22 sessions discussing a range of policy issues related to reparatory justice – from the restitution of artefacts to land rights, education, trade unionism, planetary repair, economics, law, culture, and many more areas beside. Our conference produced a statement recognising the enduring impact of the colonisation, kidnap, trafficking, and enslavement of African peoples and committing to a wholesale vision of reparative justice, starting with the institutions and governments that profited.