Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP

Member of Parliament for Streatham (and parts of Balham, Clapham Common, Tulse Hill and Brixton Hill)
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Clapham & Brixton Hill

Members Report: June 2021

Jul 1, 2021 | Members Report

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Firstly, I’d like to congratulate the England team for their bravura performances on and off the pitch during Euro 2020. These players have shown again and again that they are the best of us and the racist abuse they received in the wake of Sunday’s final was completely unacceptable. It’s absolutely crucial to recognise that this racism was sanctioned from the very top of this Tory Government by ministers repeatedly condoning the booing of England players for taking the knee as part of a wider agenda that relies on whipping up division to distract from the disasters unfolding on their watch.

Since my last email, I’ve been lucky enough to be drawn for a hat-trick of Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament, raising the issues of youth safety, global vaccine inequalities, and (on the week of its 73rd birthday) the Tories’ shameful treatment of the NHS.

During a global pandemic, you are only as healthy as the person standing next to you. But over the last year, the Government has failed to recognise that our health and our safety is connected to everyone else’s. We’re seeing this yet again as they steam ahead with July 19th’s big bang reopening, which is all about shifting responsibility for our country’s poor pandemic outcomes onto individuals rather than acknowledging systemic failures.

Yet again, the Tories have refused to accept that you can’t have a healthy economy without a healthy population. By letting cases rise and lifting baseline restrictions, the Tories are choosing to run the NHS into the ground – just as they have done throughout the pandemic. With the treatment backlog already ballooning, hospitalisations still on the rise, and the growing evidence about the devastating impact of Long Covid, I fear that the long-term costs of this will be horrendous. I’ll keep fighting to expose the Tories’ disastrous handling of Covid and to try and get everyone the support they need as we head towards another dangerous phase.