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Tackling Child Poverty in Streatham: No Child Left Behind

May 21, 2021 | Campaigns

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Child poverty in Streatham: the latest data

The latest statistics on child poverty in Streatham are truly shocking. According to the latest data from the No Child Left Behind campaign, 8,150 children in our area are now growing up trapped in poverty. That’s 37 per cent of children in our constituency, meaning more than 1 in 3 children in Streatham now live in homes where families are struggling to make ends meet.

For all the Tories’ talk of the metropolitan elite, London as a whole remains the region with the highest amount of child poverty. Due to a combination of sky-high housing costs, low pay, a lack of workplace flexibility, and the high costs of childcare, 37 per cent of children in our city are growing up in relative poverty.

Meeting with Child Poverty Action Group

This month, I met with Child Poverty Action Group to discuss child poverty in Streatham and across the country. They were clear that a decade of austerity and public service cuts are culpable for the 800,000 increase in child poverty in working households since 2010.

They were also clear about the three most important things the Government can do to reduce the number of children falling into poverty in the UK

  1. Removing the two-child limit and the benefit cap would lift hundreds of thousands of children out of poverty.
  2. Increasing child benefit would substantially reduce child poverty as well as providing support to all families with the extra costs children bring.
  3. Maintaining the uplift to Universal Credit past the October cut-off and extending this to recipients of legacy benefits. 
Child Poverty Streatham

Signing the No Child Left Behind campaign pledge

I was also proud to add my signature to the No Child Left Behind campaign, which acknowledges the shocking impact on child poverty on children’s educational attainment:

As a member of Parliament, I pledge to do everything in my power so that no child is left behind in Streatham:

  • I call for the development of a cross-Government strategy to eradicate the poverty faced by the 4.3 million children currently growing up trapped in poverty.
  • I will use my vote and voice in Parliament to try to stop an expected 730,000 more children being plunged into poverty by 2024
  • We must value and invest in all our children, so they are supported to learn, succeed, and go on to have bright futures.
Child Poverty Streatham

You can lend your support to the No Child Left Behind campaign by signing their petition too.