Standing with Local Teachers

May 28, 2022 | Constituency Work

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I joined my constituency neighbour Florence Eshalomi MP to meet with a local delegation of education trade unionists to discuss questions of school funding and teachers’ pay. Our schools are currently facing the consequences of years of austerity, compounded by the impact of Covid on education. Teacher pay is about 20% less than it would be if it was linked to inflation. From 2010-2019, the average classroom teacher and teaching assistant saw real terms pay cuts of £4,400 an £4,000 respectively.

Like many, teachers and support staff are finding escalating living costs unmanageable, particularly in London. We have a recruitment and retention crisis in the profession with 30% of teachers leaving within the first five years. I’m committed to working with teachers and their unions to ensure our schools are properly funded and our teachers are properly paid and supported.