Right to Food

We’ve seen an unprecedented rise in food poverty across the UK over the last year, with millions of people going hungry in the UK and food bank use spiking since the start of the pandemic.

127% Increase in food banks in Lambeth

The latest figures from Lambeth’s four biggest food banks reveal 39,425 emergency food parcels were provided to people in our area in the last year alone, with 15,020 of these going to children. This represents a staggering 127% increase since the start of the pandemic.

Right to Food

Inequality increasing

Since the start of the pandemic, the poorest households in the UK have seen their income fall by about 15% (and counting) whilst billionaires have increased their wealth by a staggering 33.4%. This reflects a global trend where wealthy governments are choosing to pay for the economic cost of the pandemic off the backs of the poorest. 

Streatham Job Centre

Unemployment rising

There were 7,925 Universal Credit claimants in Streatham in May 2021; 4,835 higher than March 2020, before the UK lockdown began. As of January 2021, Streatham JobCentre Plus is supporting approximately 33,095 people, up from 16,896 in January 2020.

Children Going Hungry

Across London, the percentage of pupils eligible for Free School Meals has increased by 3.8% (up to 22.6% from 18.8%) in the last year. But we are faced with a Government that refuses to take responsibility for this situation and has had to be repeatedly pressured into feeding hungry children.

Enshrining the ‘Right To Food’ into law would mean we could hold the Government to account for leaving families to fend for themselves whilst they pump money into the pockets of the rich.

I’m campaigning to make Lambeth one of the first ‘Right to Food’ Boroughs in London. Will you join me?

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