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Northern Ireland Protocol

Jul 16, 2021 | Parliamentary Work

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The Prime Minister personally negotiated the Northern Ireland Protocol. Now the Government is threatening to tear it up. If they continue to try to have their cake and eat it on the protocol, they will come up against opposition from many quarters.

In a debate this week, I pointed out how large parts of the 23-year-old Good Friday Agreement remain unimplemented: from the Bill of rights to the ECHR‘s incorporation into UK law and the language Act.

Opponents of the protocol also seem keen to rip out one phrase of the Good Friday agreement: the part stating that the constitutional position cannot be changed without consent. The Government’s determination to implement a disastrous Brexit position clearly ran counter to the will of the people of Northern Ireland, who voted clearly to remain in the European Union.

The Tories can’t keep flouting solemn and binding international Treaties like this. For the sake of the Good Friday Agreement and peace, they must drop the reckless rhetoric and make it work. I will continue to hold them to account for their disregard for the Northern Ireland protocol.