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Bell’s Regular Newsletter – 26th March 2022

Mar 26, 2022 | News

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Bell’s Newsletter 26th March 2022

Dear *|FNAME|*

It’s hard to find words that do justice to the inadequacy of this week’s Spring Statement. Nevertheless, the richest MP in Parliament, who happens to also be the Chancellor of the Exchequer, did send several very clear messages. Firstly, if you’re already struggling to make ends meet, you’re now on your own. Secondly, protecting profits is more important than protecting people. Finally, like the last ten years those with the narrowest shoulders will bear the biggest burden. The lack of support for the most vulnerable will condemn millions more to poverty.

In Parliament

Child Q: Apologies Aren’t Enough

Urgent Question on the strip search of Child Q (22nd March 2022)

This week, I secured and led an Urgent Question asking the Government how they plan to address these issues and prevent these kind of abuses from happening again. There is no apology that could atone for the perverse and racist degradation of Child Q, only action to ensure no child has to endure what she went through again. The degrading strip search of Child Q is the latest in a long string of racist and misogynistic incidents within the Met. I was disappointed that the Government has chosen to delay justice by refusing to acknowledge institutional racism in policing, let alone spell out a plan to address it.

I signed this open letter to the Met’s deputy commissioner

Opposing Anti-Refugee Legislation

At a protest against the Nationality and Borders Bill earlier this year

It’s been genuinely heartening to see the outpouring of support and solidarity for Ukrainian refugees that followed Putin’s invasion. So it was even more heartbreaking to watch the Tories line up and vote through the most draconian features of a Bill which will criminalise people for seeking safety, including Ukrainian refugees. The Tories built a system which denies basic rights and respect to refugees then turned round and acted surprised when we failed to help people fleeing Ukraine. They know exactly what they’ve done by voting this through. They don’t even stand with Ukraine, let alone other refugees.

Put the Right to Food in Law

Standing with colleagues to support Right to Food legislation to stop people going hungry.

Ahead of the Spring Statement, I joined my friend Ian Byrne MP and other Socialist Campaign Group colleagues to hand in his Right to Food letter to Ten Downing Street. The levels of food insecurity afflicting our country are a direct consequence of ten years of Tory policies which have created higher and higher levels of poverty, precarity and inequality. Just this week, food banks reported they were having to refuse potato donations because people cannot afford the energy to boil them. We should put the right to food in law and hold the Government accountable for this failure.

Demanding a Better Deal for Workers

Standing with RMT members fighting to save their jobs after P&O’s illegal mass sacking.

This week, I stood with RMT members fighting back against P&O’s mass sacking of its workforce earlier this month. This came ahead of a Labour Opposition Day in which I voted to reinstate the 800 unjustly dismissed P&O workers, withdraw P&O’s government contracts, ban fire and rehire and strengthen workers’ rights. As usual, the Tories voted to let companies keep trampling workers to protect profits. The cost of living crisis has been made immeasurably worse by the erosion of workers’ rights and the fact that 40% of people have seen real terms pay cuts since the banks caused the last financial crash. We must demand a better deal for workers.

Keep Telemedical Abortions

Government plans to scrap telemedical care for early stage abortions are a massive roll back of women’s reproductive rights. Introducing these during the pandemic halved waiting times and reduced the risk of women being pushed into using illegal or unsafe methods to end their pregnancies. This week, I’ve tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) urging a rethink.


Marching on UN Anti-Racism Day

Standing with anti-racists on UN Anti-Racism Day 2022

Every year on the 20th of March, we come out together to march against racism. As the Government continues to pretend that the institutions they are in charge of are not driving unequal outcomes across society, it’s more important than ever. I joined Stand Up to Racism to highlight how they are driving through policies which will make the racism faced by Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities worse, not better. I spoke out against the onslaught of racist policing which is the background behind the strip search of Child Q. I also reiterated my call on the Government to welcome all refugees, not just those it is politically advantageous for them to welcome, and to condemn the racism faced by African and Asian people fleeing Ukraine.

Watch my UN Anti-Racism Day Speech

In the Constituency

Happy Birthday Community Tech Aid

Presenting Community Tech Aid with a well-deserved levelling up award last year.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years since Community Tech Aid began collecting and delivering vital technology to people in Streatham. It was an honour to team up with them for my Laptops for Learning initiative, which helped deliver more than a hundred devices to local schools over the course of two lockdowns. And I’m so proud to be their patron as they continue growing and going from strength to strength.

Out and About in St Martin’s

Out listening to residents with our Council candidates for St Martin’s: Saleha Jaffer and Olga Fitzroy

It was great to make the most of the sunshine last weekend to listen to residents in the new St Martin’s ward with our brilliant Labour Council candidates for the area: Saleha Jaffer and Olga Fitzroy.

Celebrating with Streatham Swimming Club

On the picket line with GDST students last month.

It was lovely to join Streatham Swimming Club at Granton Primary School for their annual awards ceremony last weekend to recognise the fantastic achievements of young swimmers and the huge efforts of the local volunteers who keep the club going.

An Honest Conversation About Lambeth Past, Present and Future

While the Tory Government’s response to calls to address racism remains denial and gaslighting, Lambeth’s Labour Council is doing the right thing and starting an honest conversation about our area’s links to the transatlantic slave trade. Stage one of their consultation has identified several sites honouring figures associated with the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. For the next stage of this process, they’re consulting on how we should reimagine these sites for the 21st century. It’s important to ensure that public spaces truly reflect the people who live here in the 21st century rather than honouring those who profited from slavery.

Have your say on sites in Lambeth connected with the slave trade

Streatham Memorial Garden

Two years after the first lockdown, work has started on a memorial garden to remember all those lost to Covid and the collective sacrifices our community made to keep each other safe. This week, on the anniversary of the first lockdown, there was a meeting to discuss the future of the garden. Thank you to everyone who has shared their views and the Lambeth Council team who have cleared the area.

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Best wishes,

Bell Ribeiro-Addy,
Labour MP for Streatham

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