Meeting Streatham Academy FC

Jul 17, 2020 | Constituency Work, Streatham

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I had the pleasure of meeting with Hussein Hussein to discuss the work he’s doing for young people with Streatham Academy FC: a small volunteer-run, grassroots charity which provides football coaching and mentoring to young people in the constituency.

Too many young people in Streatham have nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to help them with their problems. After ten years of service cuts and closures, many young people in our constituency are at a particularly heightened risk of crime and violence.

Clubs like Hussein’s provide a vital community service, giving them something to do and somewhere to go. Streatham Academy has also branched out into supplying food parcels and additional support to families over the last few months.

Youth services are the key to tackling the problems faced by our young people today. In the wake of coronavirus – another difficult time for young people – we need fresh investment to take us beyond the swingeing cuts inflicted over the last decade.