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Coronavirus – Information on Volunteering

Apr 7, 2020 | Coronavirus Support

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Advice on Volunteering

If you are offering support to people in the community, please see the below guidance on keeping safe while helping out.

Personal safety

  • Do not volunteer if you are unwell – Follow the stay at home guidance
  • Try to support people who live close to you, so you don’t travel larger distances at a time of travel restrictions
  • Be sure that someone knows where you are, when you arrive and when you leave a specific location/address
  • Avoid going into peoples’ homes
  • Don’t bring people together face-to-face, be mindful of the Government’s advice on social distancing and isolating people at greater risk from coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Be ready and willing to provide the relevant reassurances about your identity to any residents who ask.

Good flyering practice

Good hand hygiene is the best way to prevent spreading viruses like coronavirus. Viruses like coronavirus (COVID-19) don’t survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels.

  • Do not volunteer if you are unwell
  • Use disposable gloves during leafleting where possible
  • Regular use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers if hands are physically clean
  • If possible, door knock as opposed to ringing door-bells
  • Avoid touching door handles where possible
  • Where parcels need to be delivered that won’t fit through letterboxes: place the item at the door, knock on the door, then step aside to a safe distance (2m or 3 steps) while the item is retrieved. This will ensure that items are delivered securely rather than being left outside.

Local Initiatives

Lambeth Mutual Aid

For those looking to volunteer in Streatham, a good starting point is Lambeth Covid Mutual Aid group, who have published a document where you can locate your nearest neighbourhood group.

Lambeth Council volunteering

Lambeth Council have also set up a new volunteering initiative to help some of the borough’s most vulnerable people.

NHS Volunteering

The NHS is looking for volunteers to help the most vulnerable by:

Helping Food Banks

As demand surges and supplies are squeezed, food banks are struggling to get volunteers and staples. If you have the means, most of them also accept financial donations as well as food. You can find your nearest food bank to volunteer at on The Trussell Trust website.

The two nearest food banks in Streatham for most will be Brixton/Norwood food bank and Clapham Park. You can find other food bank drop-off points at:

  • Balham High Road Waitrose
  • Brixton Acre Lane Tesco
  • Brixton Water Lane Sainsbury’s
  • Tulse Hill Co-op
  • Streatham Tesco Extra
  • St Paul’s Church on Ferndale Road (Saturday mornings only)
  • South London Refugee Association, Leigham Court Road, SW16 2PJ (10am-4pm, Mon-Fri)

If you think there’s some information that needs to be included on this page or wish to raise an individual case, please drop an email with some details to