Cambridge Union Reparations Debate

Nov 23, 2022 | Campaigns

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Bell standing alongside guests at the Cambridge Unions Reparations Debate.

I was invited to participate in a Cambridge Union debate on paying reparations, during which I called for action to address the injustices and inequalities that are the legacy of slavery and colonialism. These arguments reparations are often caricatured by the Right as handing over large sums of money for something that happened a long time ago. But the racism many of us face today have their roots in empire and reparations needs to start with simple things like fairer trade, returning stolen artefacts, and cancelling debts that have been repaid over and over. The fact that the Cambridge Union voted overwhelmingly in favour of this shows that the tide is turning and the call for reparations is only getting louder.

You can watch the debate below.